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The mission of Microcide® is to enhance individual and community health and infuse economic growth with safe and effective products for healthcare, food service, agriculture and personal care.

Microcide®, Inc. is a biotechnology company in Michigan, founded by Dr. John A Lopes, Ph.D. and Rose J Lopes in 1990 for research and development of alternative safe and non-toxic eco-friendly biodegradable microbicidal agents. Dr. Lopes has received more than 10 US and Canadian patents for its technology and has received the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award. Dr. Lopes is author of multiple peer reviewed scientific publications and book editions including chapters in Disinfection, Sterilization and Preservation.

 The company has developed a broad platform of basic scientific technology to produce safe and effective multifunctional, broad spectrum and faster acting alternative products that can replace commonly used hazardous chlorine, quaternary ammonium compounds, aldehydes, peroxides and other toxic or oxidizing microbicidal agents. Microcide® products are certified by the USDA BIO-Preferred for BIO-BASED sustainable ingredient contents.

  Microcide® took an innovative and yet paradoxical approach by using food grade ingredients to kill microbes on animate and inanimate surfaces such as fresh produce, sea food, food contact surfaces, as well as on skin and mucous membranes by eliminating the use of unsafe or toxic microbicidal products.

 Our innovation was recognized by the awards of two national competitive SBIR research grants one from the NIH and the other from the NASA. Microcide® was also nominated by the EPA for the Presidential Green Chemistry Award.

 Our main product lines include registered trademarks of PRO-SAN®, SILKY SOFT® and DENTORAL® effective against a myriad of spoilage and pathogenic microbes including COVID-19, antibiotic resistant superbugs, viruses and fungi. A number of products are registered with the US EPA and Canada Health. Our products are used by NASA for the international space station and planned for proposed interplanetary space missions.

Nuestros productos se han utilizado en la agricultura, el servicio de alimentos, los hogares, las cocinas institucionales, los supermercados, los invernaderos, los restaurantes, las cervecerías y los establecimientos militares. Apoyamos firmemente los esfuerzos de control climático y hemos reducido la contaminación mediante el diseño de envases concentrados y sin agua.